Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little more info (short version)

Built By Dennis Sapp and campaigned until 1989. The Touch of glass streamliner was powered by a 750cc Honda motorcycle engine. It ran upwards of 200 mph. eventually the body was pulled, and the chassis went in another car. the old body somehow found its way to my friend Ralph garage, initially Ralph wouldn't sell it to me, because he said I would just cut it up and ruin it (he thinks its funny to mess with me) After a little research on the H.A.M.B and contact with Dennis Sapp Ralph agreed to sell the body.
I teamed up with my friend Kirk who also had his eye on the old body. We plan to build the car to run "I" class (1000cc) gas streamliner. hope to see the salt in 2011 or 20012

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