Thursday, April 22, 2010

the post office cares

So last week I buy an old belt buckle from Eternal Combustion .com

Its been over a week and I'm thinking I should have seen it by now. I open my mailbox today and theirs this bag filled with garbage in it, I'm cursing the neighborhood kids under my breath "little bastards" then Wait a minute, that's not trash its my belt buckle! I can tell because its at the bottom of the bag. On the side of this bag are the words WE CARE
with a long note that's basically reads. Yes we did burnouts on your package, oh well.
I wonder if when socialized health care kicks in, and if a doctor accidentally chops off my arm he will put it in a bag that reads WE CARE and send me home?

1 comment:

  1. Shit man, that blows! Let me know that the buckle is alright as least. I'll hit you off with some more stickers for the hassle. Maybe I should send 'em in a freakin' metal case...