Sunday, June 26, 2011


My good buddy Nate Has a shop in Tacoma WA called Nates Cycles. He Texted me a few pics of his Triumph today. Mid winter Nate had set a Goal for himself to get the scooter done in time for the Born Free Motorcycle show in L.A. Like Most deadlines it crept up on him, and early May he realized if he didn't get to paint soon he wasn't going to make it. He really wanted Brandon at altissimo in Napa Ca to paint his bike, The thing is Nate lives in Tacoma Wa. At this point he was cutting it close so he decided to go all or nothing, and on Mothers Day the thrash began when His loving wife drove his tank, fender, and oil bag down to Brandon, (a road trip is an awesome mothers day gift by the way) meanwhile he was finishing some fabrication and got all the other parts to the chromer, Nate drove down to the Bay Area on the 17th. Brandon finished the paint on the 18th, then Nate jammed back To Tacoma, assembled the bike turned around and Drove from Tacoma to L.A. straight on the 23rd set up for the show Friday and texted me these pics. In a few days I'll post some detail shots once he sends me some. Nice Job Nate!

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