Monday, July 5, 2010

I NEED one!

I saw this drag bike at the Norcal knock out show this weekend and I love it!!!! Flathead 80 lower J.A.P.
heads, I want to find a vintage un-restored Drag bike. If you know of one let me know!


  1. Hey Mann, That's no ordinary J.A.P., but a super rare, special OHV conversion for one. Looks like you ran into Sabey. He is the current King of vintage Drag bikes. He's got a way cool Knuck, that utilizes the trans for the oil bag! Apparently an old drag race trick.
    Did you know that the Drag Slick was invented in Vallejo, home of your shop, on an Indian Scout, by Stan Deshong. There's still a street named after him, near the Rail Road tracks.
    Damn, I'm feeling old now.
    Drag on, RF.

  2. The bike in the previous post called The Hog Was built in your town,You may already know that,if so sorry.I know a bit more about both these biks if interested.

  3. I would love to know some history!

  4. I met Stan back in 73, now I am 46, remember him at Napa Speedway Races with his wife Jackie every Saturday night.