Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Streamliner

After Talking my friend Ralf out of the Sapp/Salman (touch of Glass) J class streamliner, I was able to track down Dennis Sapp the man who built the car, I called him out of the blue one Saturday afternoon . He was somewhat shocked to answer the phone and here "Hi is this Dennis Sapp? I have your old streamliner!" his response was a big pause then "what?" We spoke about the car for while and at the end of the conversation he got my home and email address. about 2 weeks later a package showed up at my door and inside were some old pictures of the car and 6 pages of hand written details about the car, about 2 months after that another package with more pictures and some original concept artwork. Many thanks to Dennis for all the help!

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  1. Matt When I spoke with you on sunday you mentioned this,It's way cooler than I pictured.Keep me posted, it's so small I would love to see it.