Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When I was born my grandfather restored this 1954 GMC pick up for my parents, When I got into high school it became my first car. Only problem was I hated it, it broke down constantly, it was slow, and an ugly shade of Brown. When I moved out after high school it became my sisters first car. My sister drinking with her friends in a parking lot backed the truck into a poll with the passenger door open. The door twisted forward till the front of the door touched the front tire. My dad called and said "your sister wrecked the truck. do you want, it or can we sell it?" I said sell it, and I recently began to regret that decision. Ive decided to try and track it down and I have little to go on. The last I heard it was sold to A vineyard or Winery in Sonoma, but that was 15 or so years ago.
so with that info I began to compile a list of email address and phone numbers of all the winerys in Sonoma. The Hunt is on!!

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