Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MEXICO safest place on earth

The El-Diablo run is coming up, if you don't know, its a motorcycle rally from Temecula Ca. to Ensenada Mex. and back. Because by motorcycle isn't done I probably wont make it this year. Kirk sent me an email that read "what you'll be missing" and this mp3... Bastard!!


  1. Don't be scared. When is it? I got the Mexican Police Chief. WE can go down on Indians and be invisible & shit. But be prepared to be waiting for those glitter boys on their OHV choppers all the time.
    Sounds like an excuse to buy new Converse? Lemme know, I gotta a real bike for ya if need be. Kinda like Tonto & Tonto. Leave the fat white boys behind & let the redheads lead. uh, guess we'll be needing some hair dye..... and, um, some hair?