Sunday, March 27, 2011

Worst Interview ever!

I sat down with Kirk Jones for an interview last week, it went like this

Kirk- Hey Matt How’s living the dream going?
Matt- Great!
Kirk- Did you watch dancing with the stars last night?
Matt- Ya, best thing on T.V.
Kirk- Really?
Matt- No, actually I’ve never seen it
Kirk- Ya me either
Matt- These are stupid questions
Kirk- sorry, I forgot to write questions before I came over
Matt- Totally unprofessional
Kirk- So you own 4 hot rods, 2 choppers, and a land speed car, what’s your favorite?
Matt- I couldn’t tell you none of them are running
Kirk- Why Not?
Matt- I don’t know my friend Ezio says he thinks I have A.D.D.
Kirk- Do you?
Matt- Um, no its just my customer take priority
Matt- Its dark in this bee head I cant see anything
Kirk- I know
Matt- Are you touching my leg
Kirk- Um…no
Kirk- A tree fell over in my yard last weekend
Matt- so what, why are you telling me this.
Kirk- I’m just stalling while I think of another question
Kirk- Have any heroes
Matt- No
Kirk- So what’s next
Matt- Well my customer cars are usually top secret till they debut,
But as far as my cars I put the Seret Speed Sportscar on hold till I finish one chopper and
Throw my model A roadster together
Kirk- I think you have A.D.D. too
Matt- Jerk, the sportscar is going to take 2 years I want to drive something this summer
Kirk-What does your wife think?
Matt- She gave up on keeping up years ago, but I think she holds a big life insurance policy on me, because she told me to feel free and ride choppers, speed and go land speed racing
Kirk- rad!
Matt- I know I can totally kill myself guilt free
Kirk- well that’s about all the questions I have
Matt- get your hand off my leg
Kirk- sorry I forgot


  1. fuckin funny. You guys are hot..

  2. It is intriguing to see inside the head of a maniac.

  3. don't let your ADD sell your chopper! finish it, and ride down to Phoenix in the Bee Head, where I will meet you with a sombrero and a jug of homemade tequila. Then we will have a super exclusive snugglers only ride to starbucks.